May 16

#My Fadabulous Future!


In the future I am hoping to become a professional race car driver.

In the future when I am rich I will give heaps of money to the people less fortunate in life.

I hope that I will have a good future.


See you soon

I got this image from:




This is the indianapolis website:

IndyCar Indianapolis Preview: Will Power Entering Championship Picture

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2 thoughts on “#My Fadabulous Future!

  1. danielj123

    I think you could add a bit more info like: How do you think you can achieve this?

    From your bro,

  2. merrybeau

    Hi William,
    I think your future plans have a nice balance. You would like to earn lots of money but you would like to share your good fortune with others. That is admirable.
    Time flies when you are having fun and all too soon the 10 week Student Blogging Challenge is over.
    I would like to compliment the students who gave of their best on this challenge. They were true ambassadors for their country, their teachers and parents and their education system.
    In particular I would like to say well done to
    Anna from Canada
    and Brooke from the USA
    who even though they had many other commitments and calls on their time, worked really hard on the blogging challenges and produced entertaining blogs that reflected their personalities.Both were really good about replying to the people who commented on their blogs.
    If you did your very best on the Blogging Challenge, well done to you too. If you found the challenges ran away with you; and you didn’t manage to keep up, perhaps you might try again in September, when the challenge begins again.
    Do keep blogging. To become a better writer, keep writing. When you blog you write for a real audience. That is so much more fun than writing in a copy book where your work is just seen by teacher and perhaps your parents or classmates.
    With every good wish
    Merry Beau


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